True Love is a quiet storm

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True love comes quietly, without
banners or flashing lights.

If you hear bells,
or the sound of approaching marching drums,
get your ears checked.

True love doesn’t run you over,
or smack you on the top of your head.

It is a love that does not die
A love that whispers
A small still voice
Easily ignored.

Forgotten in the rush of infatuation
In the stillness of infatuation’s inevitable

It is a love that aches
A dull pain
As everlasting as the stars
In happiness, easily forgotten
In sorrow, magnified
This love is a gurgling stream
A midsummer night’s breeze
A twinkling star.

Yet never arresting attention.

Was it the allure of magic?
Or were my senses simply heightened by sheer
By the tedious monotony of life?

Around her, I became alive.

Free to be truly myself.

A clumsy, shy guy.

A hopeless poet.

A man…

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Hebrewisms of Africa



After finding out about who the children of Ysrayl were in 2010, I remember one of the first few books I read was called Hebrewisms of West Africa. This book focused more so on the Ashanti tribe of Ghana but the author Joseph J. Williams, S.J. also looked at other tribes such as the Yoruba. I watched this YouTube video a while back, then I watched it again around November 2012. An elder in the video pointed out that just about all the names in Africa are Hebrew names. He said virtually every place in Africa has a Hebrew name inferring not just West Africa. So I thought, let me try to write down what he is saying before this video disappears. He had some interesting information. So I took notes on the video the best that I could. In some places the camera person did not focus on the text…

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